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Health Benefits of Fasting with Juicing

Health Benefits of Fasting with Juicing While “starving yourself” may not seem like the healthiest thing to do, there are many health benefits of fasting that often go overlooked and many aspects of fasting that are misunderstood. Especially beneficial is fasting with juicing, which allows you to continue to get all the nutrients you need […]

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Important Sea Vegetable Supplements

An excellent source of the earth’s minerals are  readily available to us in sea vegetables. When you consider that the ocean beds contain the most fertile soil in the world, sea vegetation is therefore one of the most valuable food supplements to be found. Seaweed roots sometimes extend 6,000-9,000 metres/20,000-30,000 ft below the surface of […]

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Juicing For Weight Loss

Trying to Slim Down? Try Juicing For Weight Loss If you find yourself constantly tugging on excess weight in the mirror, you may want to try juicing for weight loss. Instead of restricting your body of essential nutrients, by juicing you are ensuring that you are getting everything your body needs (and more)! You will […]

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