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The Health Benefits of Juicing

  The Health Benefits of Juicing : The Solution to a Healthier You If you have been fluctuating between diets and can’t seem to find something that works for you, the health benefits of juicing may prove to be just what you’ve been looking for. Decades ago this was seen as a ‘hippie fad’; you […]

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Antioxidants for Liver Health

      We need a  wide variety of nutrients and antioxidants for our liver health. These days our livers need all the help they can get to remove and detoxify all the pollution and everyday chemicals we are inundated with. The majority of our produce is heavily treated with chemicals to ward off bugs […]

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Benefits of this powerful antioxidant : Beetroot Juice

Beta Vulgaris or Beetroot are a wonderful root vegetable and the benefits of beetroot juice are many. Traditionally and in modern day health, beetroot has been used to heal people with its many healthy properties. Benefits of Drinking  Beet Juice Beetroot juice contains a pigment called beta cyanin. This is what gives beetroot’s their rich […]

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Juicing Diets….A Healthy Option

Why is it so good for you ? Juicing  diets, also called juice fasting, are a healthy option for rapid detoxification of your body. Is this the new way to get in shape? Many people are taking up this option simply because it so easy, inexpensive and very very effective. The goal of a juicing […]

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Juicing to help the Liver Detox

                  If anybody is serious about detoxifying their liver, you will generally find that fresh juices are a vital part of the juicing detox plan. Why is this so you may ask? When you juice, you use lots of liver detox foods such as vegetables and fruits […]

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Top 11 Essential Vitamins in Juicing

    There are 11 essential vitamins in juicing vegetables and fruits which help the metabolic processes of the body, for example the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins to produce energy, the building up of the body proteins, the absorption of calcium for the gut and bones, the multiplication of body cells, and the […]

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