Juicing Diets … A Healthy Option

Juicing diets, also called juice fasting, is a form of detoxification of the body.  Is this the new way to get in shape?  There are many that are considering if that is to the case.  The goal of a juicing diet is to remove toxins from the body in the most efficient and fast method available.  It is like that of fasting, which means the reduction of solid foods and only the consumption of water.  Juice fasting is thought to be a better choice for a number of reasons.

Juice diets are said to be better for you for detoxification because they are easily absorbed into the body.  They improve your level of energy.  They also require only minimal digestion.  Juice is also known to stimulate the body in a number of ways.  The body can easily take juice and convert it into something that is useable quickly.  Because juice does have many of the vitamins and minerals in it that the body needs, it is a safer form of detoxing than simply fasting with just water. 


Your body gets the calories and nutrients that it needs.  You get a method of dropping a few pounds and eliminating your toxin levels in the body.  In fact, it is thought that juicing diets are even more beneficial because they do not produce that withdrawal symptom that happen to many which is the prime reason why people give up on their fasting in the first place.



What Can It Do For Me?


If juice dieting is so great, what can it really do for my body and me?... you may wonder.  The good news is that it can do several things, all of which can give you a better overall benefit to your health.  It is said to improve all aspects of the body’s health as well.  That goes for your physical well being, your mental state and your spiritual well being while you are on the diet.


Here are some of the conditions that can be made better through the use of a juice diet.


  • Headaches and migraines have been seen to occur less frequently and with less severity.
  • Constipation
  • Congestion from a sinus problem or other respiratory conditions.
  • Some have found relief from bloating and gas.
  • Juicing diets have helped some to reduce acne outbreaks.
  • It can help with pain in the lower back from muscle aches.
  • It can help women with PMS
  • It can help with bad breath relief as well as remove that white coating from your tongue.


Tips For Juicing Diets


If all of this sounds like the benefits that you may need, then here are some tips that you need to keep in mind when using one of these diets.


  • Use organic foods.  Since you are only ingesting juices, make sure that what you put in is of the highest quality without any type of toxic chemical sprayed on them.
  • Drink between 32 ounces and 64 ounces of juice per day.  You can get great benefits from fruits and vegetables of all sorts but some to consider including carrots, celery, pineapples, cranberry, spinach, greens, apple and cabbage.  Mix about three parts of your drink to be water with one part to be the fruit of vegetable juice.
  • Go for fresh.  There are added bonuses for fresh juice.  You can easily make them yourself at home with your blender or smoothie maker.
  • Get enough sleep at night.
  • Add in protein in the form of supplements after the third day.

Juicing diets are said to be able to help you throughout your health and well-being.  If they are to be followed, you will need to prepare yourself for them before just jumping on them.  Good quality ingredients are essential for maximum benefits.


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