Important Sea Vegetable Supplements

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An excellent source of the earth’s minerals are  readily available to us in sea vegetables. When you consider that the ocean beds contain the most fertile soil in the world, sea vegetation is therefore one of the most valuable food supplements to be found.

Seaweed roots sometimes extend 6,000-9,000 metres/20,000-30,000 ft below the surface of the water, their tentacles floating to the surface where, with the help of its enzymes and the rays of the sun, they burst forth into nodules and leaves.

Therefore seaweeds, or sea vegetable supplements with their ability to stimulate the digestive action of the intestines, are particularly important as a health resource, and the carbohydrates found in seaweed do not elevate blood-sugar levels so people with blood-sugar problems can take it safely.


sea weed, dulse, 12 mineralsSeaweeds such as the large brown kelp and the edible red dulse are the most familiar. They are safe and reliable nutritional supplements that contain 12 key minerals, in particular organic iodine, which is needed by the thyroid gland to manufacture the hormone thyroxin, which aids digestion. Iodine is also needed for brain functioning, and it kills harmful bacteria in the bloodstream. Iodine deficiency contributes to enlarged adenoids, fatigue, colds and infection.

There is a wide choice of seaweeds, which are sold under the names sea lettuce, kelp or dulse, and they can be purchased in good health food stores.  Fresh or dried, uncooked and unprocessed sea vegetables or seaweeds are the most beneficial. After drying, they are usually crushed or ground and used in powder or granule form.

By adding kelp or dulse in powder form to our  vegetable and fruit juices as a food supplement we are furnishing our systems with the trace elements that are necessary to our health and well-being, and which are not found in vegetables and fruits.

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The powder or granules can be sprinkled on to the potassium vegetable cocktail combinations, such as the carrot, celery, parsley and spinach juices, but due to their high potency they should not be used in greater quantities than 1.5 mit% tsp daily, preferably mixed with 600 mill pt/2l cups of raw vegetable juice.

Kelp granules and dulse powder are slightly salty to the taste and can be added to dressings or sprinkled on salads. Dulse flakes or powder can be taken as a snack food with pieces of carrot or celery. Dulse is an important additive to meals in many countries, including Scotland and Ireland.

Other sea vegetables, which are largely used by the Japanese, are arame, hiziki, kombu, nori and wakame, and powdered kelp to make a kelp tea known as kobucha. Nori, or laver seaweed, is the type used by the Welsh for their laverbread, a green mush rather like spinach puree in appearance.

It is a reddish seaweed of a distinctive shape and relatively small size, and is thought to be the most nutritionally valuable and most widespread.. Any of these sea vegetables in a supplement form provide a powerful boost for your whole body health.

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