Benefits of Bee Pollen

  Natural Bee Pollen has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. It dates right back to the ancient Egyptians and early Chinese who used it to restore energy. The Pharaohs in ancient Egyptian times placed bee pollen in their tombs to help nourish them in their afterlife. Hippocrates, the …

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Why Sugar is bad for You

                  Sugar has absolutely no nutritional benefit and is extremely damaging, addictive and bad for our health, despite being so deliciously moreish! Almost all the processed foods we eat contain sugar, from peanut butter to canned vegetables! Reading the label will identify …

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Kiwi-Klenz FAQ’S.

What is in Kiwi-Klenz ? Just one capsule of Kiwi-Klenz contains the active components of two whole kiwifruit including the skins. This includes the kiwifruit enzymes, phenols and soluble fiber which are all critical components for good intestinal health. How Does Kiwi-Klenz Work? Kiwi-Klenz works in a number of different …

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