The Benefits of a Colon Cleanse



The benefits of a colon cleanse are multiple. If you suffer from a chronic disease the very first step towards recovery is a colon cleanse. If your colon is free of toxins and waste material your bowel functions properly, your body effectively assimilates the nutrients from the food you take, any food intolerance tends to disappear, you feel more energized, your skin looks healthy and vibrant and your eyes regain clearness... among other things.  But how can you ensure you get the benefits of a colon cleanse? Vegetable juicing is one way to help your body expel toxins.

Foods for Effective Colon Cleansing

Problems with the digestive system are among the greatest and the most dangerous, but are often the most commonly ignored. One of the most prevalent causes of digestive problems starts with a problem in the colon. The colon serves as the waste disposal unit of the body. This is where waste and toxic substances are deposited before they are passed from the body.

A properly functioning colon needs to be able to absorb nutrients and then remove the waste materials before they can poison the body. If waste materials are not properly removed autointoxication occurs or re-absorption of the toxic waste. It is really very easy for putrefied waste to be absorbed through the colon wall into the bloodstream and then start damaging other organs of the body.

A person may be considered having a healthy colon if he or she is having bowel movements two to three times per day.
Juice fasting is a great way of cleansing the colon. There are various juice fasting recipes that may be easily done at home. Vegetable juices are excellent colon cleansers especially if one to twenty cups of freshly pressed vegetables juices are consumed.

The choice of vegetables would depend on the person’s tolerance. Each cup of juice may contain one or two (or more) of the following:

carrots, beets, daikon, radishes, fresh celery (both the root and greens), ginger, garlic, cayenne, wheat grass, barley grass, dinkel grass, parsley roots and greens, kale, cucumber, pepper and dandelion.

Never use brown, wilted celery because it may be toxic.

Only use the freshest vegetables and fruits.

Apples and lemons are also great for the colon.

The problem with juice fasting recipes is that not everybody has the time to create freshly squeezed juices every time they get hungry.

How to Store It

The best thing to do is to buy canning jars to contain the juices. The first thing to do is to line up the juicing materials that can provide at least three quarts of juice. Each of the canning jars is to be filled up to the very top so that no more can be added. Next is to hold the disk sealer just over the top of the jar and press down.

Some juice should squirt down the side of the jar in order to allow only a minimal amount of air in the jar. Then screw the sealing ring to ensure the disk. Afterwards, place all the jars in the refrigerator. This will keep the freshness of the vegetable juices up to three days. Simply take each one out whenever you need it.

Fresh is Better...

However, it is important to drink the juice right after a jar is opened. The reason for this is that prolonged exposure to air will destroy the enzymes in the juice. These enzymes are important in cleansing the colon. Canned juices are not beneficial to your health since they don’t contain any enzymes. Important enzymes can only be extracted through juicing and then drinking immediately freshly squeezed juices.

Go for Raw Foods... Why?

In terms of food, raw foods are preferred for colon cleansing. This is because 30 to 85% of the nutrition in foods is destroyed during cooking. Fresh, raw foods contain the highest level of enzymes that are vital to cleansing the colon. These enzymes are the catalysts for the hundreds of thousands of chemical reactions that occur throughout the body. Most cooked foods have been denatured and are devoid of enzymes and other life promoting elements. While it is true that cooked foods maintain life, they don’t promote optimum health or longevity.

Rhios Raw Energy recipes are great sources of colon cleansing recipes that are not only delicious but are extremely healthy. There are even raw food restaurants opening up as people become more aware of the health benefits and realize that raw foods can be just as delicious as traditional fare.

Please note that it is always a good idea to consult a medical professional before fasting or changing your diet radically in any way.

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As you can see the benefits of a colon cleanse are immense and what's more... you can have lots of fun while doing it. Be creative when putting together the recipes and savour every drop of your juice with the certainty that you are doing something really good for your body.

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